Android sample application: Simple RSS reader

Download source code of this article.

Just for fun and time-pass I created a sample RSS reader application based on this article. I think it is better to share it here.

Point of Interest: Downloading XML data from Internet, XML parsing, AsyncTask.


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  1. Hey, is there a zip file of the RSS reader that I can download and import into eclipse? I am very new to this.

  2. Hey, sorry this feel to the back burner, any chance you can post that zip file?

  3. I’d like to build up my own feed reader
    Thank you

  4. great post, helped me write my first app.

  5. Great content..this helped me a lot in building a new app for news update! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for posting it. It really help me.
    Please also check the link below. Similar topic shown in different way 🙂

  7. Hey Kris, good work…..thanks for sharing…..Thanks!!!

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