Programming HTTPD in Windows Mobile

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By default the Windows Mobile does not include a Web Server. But it is available as an installable Optional Server Components. The installation contains MSMQ, HTTPD, PeerNet, UPnPCtrl and UPnPHost components. The HTTPD component installs a Web Server on your Windows Mobile.

We can extend the HTTPD server by using an ISAPI filter or ISAPI extension. There are different examples of ISAPI in the Windows CE Platform Builder samples. These can be found in the folder x: C:WINCE500PUBLICSERVERSSDKSAMPLESHTTP where x is the drive you have installed the Windows CE Platform Builder.

Once you installed the server components and restart the device, you can access the Web Server using the phone’s IP address. If your device is connected to the computer using ActiveSync, you can access the Web Server using the ActiveSync IP address This will show up the default HTML page. If you are connected to the internet using GPRS or 3G connection you can use the phone’s IP address to reach the Web Server.

The sample application presented here is an ISAPI filter DLL that lists the call log. The filter can be accessed using The ISAPI filter DLL exports three functions: GetFilterVersion, HttpFilterProc and TerminateFilter. For detailed information about the ISAPI Filters and Extensions please refer to the MSDN documentation.

When the Web Server is started, it looks for an entry Filter Dlls under the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINECommHTTPD. This entry lists all the Filter Dlls that are installed separated by comma. The HTTPD server loads all the DLLs listed. After loading the DLL the server will call the function GetFilterVersion. The TerminateFilter function will be called when the DLL is unloaded. The server will call HttpFilterProc for various event notifications.

To install this ISAPI dll, you have to copy the DLL WMWeb.dll to the Windwos folder and manually add the DLL name to the entry Filter Dlls under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINECommHTTPD.