Getting Network Adapter Information in Windows Mobile

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The API GetAdaptersInfo or GetAdaptersAddresses can be used to get Network Adapter information. We can retrieve information like Adapter Name, Description, IP Address, Mask, DNS, etc… Here is a sample application that use GetAdapterInfo API to retrieve network information. The application screen looks like this:
Adapterinfo 225x300
The application retrieves this information and displays it in an owner draw list box.

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  1. Vivek May 14, 2012 / 6:58 am

    I am using OpenNETCF to find wireless adapters on MC-75 device, but it do not show me any wire less adpaters. When i use “Wireless Companion” search the wifi it does show all wifi. I have unchecked the 802.11d and choose Motorola JEDI WIFI Driver. Please suggest.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!

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