Enumerating Stores in Windows CE

The APIs FindFirstStore, FindNextStore can be used to enumerate stores in Windows CE. These APIs return store information in STOREINFO structure. These APIs are defined in storemgr.h header files and library file is storeapi.lib library. This library is a part of the Platform Builder, so you should have the Platform Builder for the Windows CE. The following code snippet enumerates the stores and inserts the device name and store name to a list control.

void EnumerateStorage(CListCtrl* pList)
STOREINFO sInfo = {sizeof(STOREINFO)};
HANDLE hFind = FindFirstStore(&sInfo);
BOOL bContinue = (INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE != hFind);
int nItem = 0;
int nIndex = 0;
CString strClass;

nItem = pList->InsertItem(nIndex,sInfo.szDeviceName);


bContinue = FindNextStore(hFind,&sInfo);


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